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Want to start a new website for your company or startup to show your creativity to the world? If yes, Bizcraft will be a good choice indeed. Simple but attractive appearance with enormous elegant features allows more convenience to your visitors.Don’t forget to choose your favorite version of the homepage as Bizcraft provides four different variations with six color style. Aside from the dynamic homepages, the sticky menu bar contains six different sections with additional pages. Under the company section, you will get five different pages including About, Service, Career, Testimonials, and FAQ that allows a multi-dimensional opportunity to present your startup gorgeously to the visitors.

Moreover, the “Portfolio” section features an additional three pages including the classic, static and single version with alluring animation and transition that allows you a majestic presentation of your previous projects. Under the “page” section, you will find six different sections for the in-depth and in-details presentation of your company to be a reliable brand. The four columns unique pricing table features new variation to the service.

Additionally, Bizcraft know the value of your visual content. That’s why it provides two different pages under the “blog” section and give the priority of images and videos across all posts. Besides, it provides two more sections including a contact page that help your website to become more engaging.


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Promodise appears with a winsome, tempting and pleasant interface that will fit for your business company or digital marketing agency. It features both the multipage and single page website template with a stunning appearance.

You have the flexibility to choose your desired homepage from the three variations according to your needs and situation. Apart from the mighty homepage variation, it features in-depth About, service, blog, and contact pages. Besides these stunning features, the trendy hover effect and animation enhance the visual appeal of your whole website.

As promodise is based on the Bootstrap framework, it is responsive for all device including the smartphone, desktop, and major browsers. All the coding is done by following the international trend and tech regulations. Stunning graphics and the perfect combination of black, white, blue along with the right amount of others color make the template imposing and authoritative indeed.
However, you can decorate the template with your own creativity according to your service. Hopefully, promodise will help to grow your business with its minimal and professional appearance.


When your business involves providing services to others, a readymade template is a perfect choice for you to build a powerful website. Biztrox is a super neat HTML5 template with a focus on business, corporate, creative, accounting, finance websites. No matter the services you offer, whether it is a product or a service that you focus on, Biztrox has the capacity of handling all the projects. It has excellent features that will certainly compliment your products and services.For those who prefer an outstanding design yet simple, then look no further as this is the template for you. Biztrox is clean, neat and organized with loads of outstanding features, has a very elegant, sleek, modern and exquisite design that will give your page something to chat about.The main header area is showing a fullscreen image and outlining the purpose of your business in a single sentence. In the header you can put the contact button or signup button, and also links to your most crucial pages, like features, pricing, about your business.With the variations of three homepages let people find you on the internet, get familiar with what you do and hit you up right away.

3 Homepages & 14 Inner Pages​

Biztrox will help you to give a professional and unique look easily. The specialty of Biztrox is it has 3 unique home pages and you will be able to edit it with your needs. Therefore, with Biztrox, you are never restricted by an overall template that limits your design. You will also get a blogging page which has made it more outstanding. If you need to add all the necessary contact information with a functional contact form, Biztrox brings all of the solutions in one HTML template. To get professional look website with minimum cost, Frix can be your best choices.

Creative Home Slider ​

A slider frame could be a verified way to present any data with a transparent and daring look. In order to become a leader, you just need to make use of this remarkable thing. It will assist you in building a tailor-made website that wins the heart of every possible person. A surprising and minimal slider to the highest dramatically will increase the attractiveness of any website. And Biztrox also has enclosed a minimal style slider, therefore you’ll produce beautiful slides with animated effects, in no time.


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Are you looking for a business website template with an innovative and sensational appearance that will help to reach your business to the new audience? In this case, Bexer may be a right template as it is a premium business template with trendy, contemporary, modern and lucrative appearance. Without any doubt, Bexer is a multifunctional business template provides enormous useful features.

Maybe you own a small business or a corporate one, Bexer allows you to do it smoothly and efficiently with its three variations of home pages along with the others section like the team, case study, project details, service and service details.

Bexer is based on the responsive layout that makes it flexible and responsive to smartphones and the desktops devices along with the major browsers. Being responsive with the prompt loading speed and easy user interface make it SEO friendly website to the search engines.

Standard white with the combination of the right amount of others color makes the interface of the theme more imposing, tempting and attention-grabbing to the users. In-depth details, parallax effect, and the animated skill bars along with the modern web design ensure great user experience. Besides, Trendy hover effect with sticky menu bar, call to action, contacting form and blog section allows you a majestic appearance in the web.

Aside from these stunning features, Bexer has several production ready widgets for presenting your business and software. For example, if you are a website builder company, you can show your expertise and the service on the service offering section. Testimonial section allows you to show the feedback of your clients. Pricing table allows you to outline all your available pricing plans by offering the convenience for each plan. Without looking further, get the template and add a new flavor to your business.


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Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity in these days and every day people show a lot of interest to this subject. BitBank is our new HTML template created for cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital currencies, bitcoin mining websites, and finances and business consulting. With the growing interest of public towards Bitcoin and their rising popularity, the internet has started to see a new era of websites built around these crypto-coins.

According to guidelines from the consultants, financial advisors and investments firms, it is important to have an informative website that will tell your customers all that they want to know about this financial wonder – Bitcoin, will be available on your website. Our new template BitBank has got all the chances to become a successful internet enterprise for mining hardware manufacturer or new cryptocurrency project. This template includes visuals related to digital money as well as icons related to them and offer services such as crypto coin mining, crypto coin trading, crypto watch and information related to digital currencies. It’s also perfect for the online digital payment system. Especially if you’re already looking for a solution for a website that would accept charges of different currencies. We made sure all the layers are perfectly grouped and organized as well as named appropriately for your convenience.


Header Menu for Market Live Report

Bitbank focuses on Bitcoin mining, trading, cryptocurrency exchange, and finance websites. At the top of the page, you can include the highlighted figure of the day. Such as the live report of currency price, the highest rate in the day, the lowest rate in the day, the price in various stock markets and so on. If you are ready to proceed, let Bitbank take care of your website and help you put together the wanted crypto website.


Crypto Market Live Chart

Bitcoin is a new kind of digital currency to change the world what we think. Whenever there’s a large demand, for one thing, you recognize countless merchandise and services are going to be tailored to that. You may wish to follow the trend, I guess. Bitbank includes a live-chart for its visitors to get a snap about the market in a while. With the proper example, you’ll attain nice results with the smallest amount of effort.


7+ Inner Page

Along with the main pages, Bitbank also has seven different inner pages suited for your fresh new Bitcoin website creation such as Pricing Page, FAQ, Team and more. For those who would like to provide their services to investors, and needs a quick and efficient solution to start online, with cryptocurrency website templates, Bitbank is one of the tools which provides everything you need in regards to building a fantastic cryptocurrency website. With Bitbank, you can achieve great results with the least amount of effort.

Current Buy & Sell Price Section (Pricing Table)

Crypto Press enforced within the style is additionally newssheet subscription box, animated statistics and pricing table for buy & sell coins. It is an HTML template for the sort of internet sites that trot out digital currency, Cryptocurrencies, Finances, bitcoin mining instrumentality and business consulting. Besides the pricing table, it has a supplementary bunch of informative sections like featured video, bitcoin graph, features, services section, bitcoin currency calculator.


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Megakit is a well-crafted, versatile and unique Parallax HTML5 one page website template ready to hit the major leagues. It is a multipurpose free HTML template that exceeds all expectations. Its wonderful features can be used to enhance the websites of corporate firms, digital agencies, and creative professionals. The design is very powerful, intuitive and user-friendly. While using Megakit, in a very short time, even a novice user can become an expert. You will get a very minimalistic yet customizable concept to let your ideas flow with events. It is lightweight and very fast, ideal for business or corporate websites. You will also find amazing typography that quickens setting process!

Portfolio section for showcasing portfolio

If you want to build a professional portfolio section, you are in the right place! Megakit is a creative HTML5 business template that lets you construct professional portfolio layouts with its awesome listing styles. It uses parallax with different hover and animation styles with CSS3 animations. If you want a potent and cutting edge HTML5 powered and CSS3 styled website template Megakit is just what you are looking for.

Contact from & google map

Communication is very necessary for any digital entrepreneur. A contact form can handle this task easily. With this intention, Megakit has attached an amazing contact form with the template. You can enable it with one click only. While adding a contact information, you can also add a map of your business location. The google map does the job on behalf of you.

Minimal Home Slider

A slider frame is a proven way to present any information with a clear and bold appearance. A stunning and minimal slider to the top dramatically increases the appeal of any website. That’s why Megakit have included a minimal design slider, so you can create stunning slides with animated effects, in no time.


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As the saying goes by Elliott Abrams, ‘First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.’ As true as it is for people, it is perhaps more true for their digital presence. Getting that first impression to be splendid doesn’t come easy. A cluttered, outdated look for a company that boasts its postmodern hues is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a company online. So how do you ensure that anyone who sets eyes on your website is immediately engrossed? Enter Themefisher’s newest creation: Fiction, a template based on the ever so mighty Bootstrap 3 that is JUST RIGHT for your agency website. Your website is perhaps the best place for you to tell your story the way you want to, from the biggest of the overview to the most minor of the details. But to tell that story properly and to actually execute the minor details, you cannot just go to a run-off-the-mill look that almost every website uses, no, you need to make it stick. And how exactly do you make it stick? For most of us, we turn to the best templates, And that is exactly why Fiction is the go to template for you. It incorporates not just top notch aesthetics, but also features that improve functionality. Fiction, the newest of the bunch from the Themefisher team, is just the perfect blend of these components. Whether you’re a small or a giant, this template will not let you down with it’s powerful pack of features and the fact that it supports multiple pages. If you have Fiction at play, you can sit back and relax because you can rest assured, your webpage will be a beautifully crafted experience for the user. The theme features a clean, colorful design with various pages to serve as an excellent choice for your website.

Best for Agencies

As an agency, one of the most important assets a brand can have is their online presence. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a fresh and elegant look for your website, Fiction is guranteed to give your web asset (your website) a sleek and modern outlook. Add your own voice to the awesomeness of this template and you have a website that is sure to make heads turn.

Built on cutting edge technologies

Fiction is the newest of the bunch from the Themefisher team. After persistent and thorough efforts that went into this template, Fiction has been perfected to fit any agency website. Whether you’re a small or a giant, this template will not let you down with it’s powerful pack of features and the fact that it supports multiple pages. If you have Fiction at play, you can sit back and relax because you can rest assured, your webpage will be a beautifully crafted experience for the user. The theme features a clean, colorful design with various pages to serve as an excellent choice for your website.


Instead of cluttering up all your information in one page, get users to navigate exactly where you want them to. Boast your company’s story and show off your team, showcase your products with different pages beautifully crafted to set your website apart from the rest.

Bootstrap 3 based

Fiction is built using the latest and greatest of the web technological developments- Bootstrap 3. An extremely popular framework among developers, this ensures your website is responsive and can adapt flawlessly to any screen size be it a giant one or a handheld one.



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BINGO is a powerful Bootstrap Business Template from the Themefisher team. It is the product of the long and persistent attempt at perfection and elegance and is a brainchild of the entire team. By using this theme, it will be possible for you to make your startup website / business website and more on. Easy and effortless setup of the website or page is the base of this template. The versatile Bingo Bootstrap business template is perfect for any business segment that you throw at it. Whether one page or multiple, the template helps to provide the best and most beautifully designed experience. The template is ideal for businesses and corporations that range from the smallest of the startup to the large industry heavy ones. The modern and attractive aura of the template makes the user experience a rich and delightful one. And with cutting edge Bootstrap technologies powering the entire template, development is simple and accessible, with thorough annotation and extensive documentation included. The template is responsive and will look crisp and brilliant no matter what display you view it on. With this easy template, reaching your customers all over the place becomes as easy as pie. Try Bingo Bootstrap Template today!

Theme features

Responsive Design

Bingo is based on bootstrap grid system and its fit all of devices life mobile , tab and big monitor.

Themefisher Icon Font

Bing is included with 400+ Themefisher icon font . This fonts are will help you to craft you site amazing.

Extensive Support

If you stuck in any place our ninja support team is there to help you.We put our best effort to our customers.

Documented Code

Well documented code is another strong feature of Bingo. It will help you to edit the files and customize codes.

Organized Folder Structure

CSS,JS,Image folders are well organized.All of them are separated by their origin.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Bingo is fit all kind of modern browsers and it is also functional in modern browsers.

Bingo-Revolution Slider based template

Revolution Slider $16 worthy

The Revolution slider is incorporated into this template and comes to you out of the box which makes for an enthralling experience. It enables you to style your website in the most effortless way thinkable and highlights your glorious parts. So add the $16 worthy Revolution slider to your website and craft the most interesting and gorgeous experience for anyone who visits your site.

6 Homepage variations

Bingo is packaged with 7 different variations for the homepage that will ensure that you find exactly what is on your mind and can display your business and conduct it online in the most efficient and elegant way possible. This covers both multiple and one page templates. The myriad looks that come with the template will make the website look pristine and state of the art in no time.

Best For Startups / Business / Corporate

Whether you’re just kickstarting your business or are already established and looking to modernize and beautify your current website or just do it all over again, Bingo is the perfect fit for any company, any size. Break the boundaries of mediocre visuals and give your website the best it can get.

Well Documented code, and Enrich documentation

The entire team has put a lot of effort and time into creating the template and perfected almost all of its aspects. For the installation process, there is extensively explained documentation that comes with the template The documentation is a product of thorough research and a lot of experience and you can rest assured will help you out of any sticky spot that you may run into. And if you still want more, developers at Themefisher are always there and happy to support you to construct the best website for you.


Short Description

Quick is one page responsive website template beautifully and strikingly created for business agencies and corporate firms. The responsive one page HTML5 template is clean, aesthetic, feature-rich, mind blowing and completely surprising template, comes with high quality and retina ready graphics to amaze the visitors in their first peep through. The appearance of this theme is appealing, engaging, smooth shipped with an opportunity to facelift your existing website and professionally kickstart an entirely new website. Quick bring an efficient solution to allow webmasters to create an HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap enabled seamless and gorgeous one page website without writing a single line of code.

Quick is bottled with multi layouts, and each layout includes a pixel perfect and completely attractive variation. If you are looking for a solution that allows finding out the best website variation for your business website, Quick would be a great solution. It combined with a couple of visually refined design layouts. Each layout is efficiently coded so that you can tailor with modern viewing devices and screens with ease.

Bootstrap One Page Responsive Website Template

Quick is the amazing creation of one of the best template club, Themefisher. The template is equipped with all modern features that can turn your look professional and cutting-edge, flourished Bootstrap 3 frontend framework, HTML5, CSS3, FontAwesome, and more. Bootstrap controls the basic skeleton and frontend article of this majestic theme, HTML5 & CSS3 is implemented correspondingly develop stylish markup with the perfect touch of aestheticism whereas FontAwesome handles all the iconic aspect of the theme.

Implemented Highly Interactive Design Interface

The design of Quick one page responsive website template was finalized making a couple of research on the design engagement and color preference of maximum website visitors. This is the unique reason and differentiating point, the bootstrap template look clean, catchy and professionally fashion conscious. Even every element of this theme is well-structured and lyrically placed so that website users understand the end professionalism and seriousness behind the business.


Short Description

Themelight is a blazing fast, responsive business one page website template, glutted with the fantastic interface and excellent professional features to run corporate firms seamlessly. The design of this theme is incredible, can impress visitors in the first impress. Themelight is responsive, crafted following mobile first approach so that the theme can easily fit both inside the wide variety of large screen monitors and tiny mobile devices. The HTML5 and CSS3 business onepage template is saturated with vibrant typography and highly interactive CSS3 animation.

The documentation of this theme is profound enough that allows even a child to build responsive corporate websites in no times. The entire codebase of this theme is SEO friendly and extensively commented for high customization and instant conversion into widely used CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento Drupal and more.

Best Business One Page Website Template

Themelight is modern and cutting-edge. Especially it allows craft website for business agency, photography studio, web development firm, software company, creative agency, profit and non-profit, and governmental agencies. To exponentially boost sales and increase conversion the theme allows showcasing standout products incorporating key site elements including service details, project competition analytics, latest work, team details, pricing, blog, testimonials and client logo slider efficiently.

The stunning responsive one page corporate template is developer friendly, built with Bootstrap 3 which includes a powerful CSS framework to simplify your frontend coding experience. If you extend the theme features and want to add Tabs, Accordions, Panel, form fields and other site elements to add in this theme, you don’t to write CSS code individually. The only thing you have to do is to call CSS classes accordion to Bootstrap documentation.

Key Features of business one page website template

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5 Based
  • User-friendly Mobile menu
  • Clean and Refreshing Design
  • Organized Codes
  • Full-width and boxed layout
  • Rich Documentation
  • Font Awesome
  • Cross-browser support
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Amazing Contact Form
  • Personal and Commercial License
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Latest Portfolio Section
  • Amazing Team area
  • Creative Pricing Tablen
  • Logo Slider
  • Blog Slider
  • Google Map Integration
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Elegent Support chat and mail support


Airspace is a clean, unique, and free bootstrap website template is an another amazing contribution to the community by Thermefisher. The beautiful template is built with refined business as well as corporate elements and saturated with rich typography, allows to convey perfect message to the first visit according to the niche motto.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework is tied with Airspace, assures the perfect visibility major search engines including IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and viewing devices, can adapt automatically large screens, iPhone, iPad, tablet, feature phone, smartphone, notebook, and desktop devices. Airspace is the perfect combination modern technologies like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery, flawlessly passed W3C validation.

Airspace, the stunning bootstrap website template is lightweight, can load fast like lightening bolt. The noteworthy feature is explanatory code comment, allows easy and hassle free conversion for programming languages and major content management systems like PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Nodejs, Reactjs, Angularjs, Ruby, Python and so on.

Blend With Animation and Free Bootstrap Website Template​

Have a tight budget and want to lessen site development cost, Airspace is a option as free HTML template to download, blended with eye-catching animation and visually rich UI. No hazy and fuss code make this template amazing and developer friendly. The codebase is secured and SEO optimized, comes with a couple of useful pages and site elements.

Airspace is perfect for niches like business, corporate house, portfolio showcase, bootstrap landing page, portfolio, creative artist, freelancer, resume, showcase, affiliate marketer IT firm, software firms, technology firms and so on.