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Whether you arrange a local or international business event or conference, it is an utmost must to have a dedicated website for it. Without having a website, in this day of technology, you are losing a ton of money on the table. With an attractive website template like Eventre, you can add a new dimension to your business.

Eventre features the ticket selling page with an in-depth sharing on the event along with the brief introducing of the speakers. Aside from the ticket selling option, it allows your attendees to watch the countdown timer that will function as the reminder.

The responsive layout ensures instantly reshaping the screens both to the desktop and smartphone screens along with all the major browsers. Simple but catchy interface with greatly optimized speed and performance make it search engine friendly.

In addition, Eventre has two home pages with 18+ inner page sections like about, gallery, schedule, testimonial, FAQ, blog, and contact. So, push your forthcoming event, conference, meeting details in a phenomenal way and show your potential attendees what they can expect to form you.


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MenzSaloon is a minimal, colorful and perfect salon website template that you can use for building a barber or hair salon website. If you are running a barbershop and want to expand the reach of your brand or want to show people the kinds of haircuts or hairstyles that you can provide, build a website for your barbershop or hair salon using this template.You may choose between light or dark version of this template. The template also features outstanding galleries powered by Essential Grid to help you display your products and services in a stylish way.

Revolution Slider Included – Save $12

Revolution slider is renowned for creating different animation and effect with ease. MenzSaloon is integrated with extended licenses for Revolution slider. With a purchase of MenzSaloon, you also get the revolution slider plugin. So you do not need to buy its license for your site when using our template – that saves $12. Create stunning slides with different animation effects easily with Revolution Slider.

Fully Responsive & Cross Browser Suppoted

MenzSaloon response to all types of devices with perfect and consistent alignment. You won’t find any difference while viewing your site on your phone, tablets or desktops.
With a growing number of various browsers and their versions, we make sure your website looks consistent for everyone with our well-coded templates. We support the most popular modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9+, and Opera.

Outstanding Support & Frequent Updates

We always emphasize our consumers and our dedicated team is always ready to provide an outstanding support. Our customers love our rapid and friendly support. Do not feel hesitate to contact us if you need help.

The work doesn’t stop once we release a template. We regularly release update our templates with the latest technology for your great experience. Fix any bugs (if found), add new features (often based on customer feedback).


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Customers are kings. They are who can make or break any company in any field, any industry. Such is also the case for the fitness industry. With the countless gyms mushrooming all around, it is very important for gyms to ensure that they get noticed. Regardless of whether you are selling supplements, running a full time gym or just blogging about fitness with tips and tricks, a website that gets your name out there is of utmost significance. But getting noticed only isn’t a solution, it is also important to be different. Having a remarkable website with an even more phenomenal experience is what you should be looking for. But putting up a website with all that information and features in place is quite formidable for most laymen, and templates are just what you need to make that task about a thousand times easier.

Fortunately for you, we at Themefisher have tried to make that easy for you so that you can stop focusing on figuring out the nooks and crannies of how to make a super awesome website and go back to what you do best, taking care of the gym and all its work. There are a lot of options out there that may make you completely flabbergasted about what to choose from when you’re looking for that perfect template. Our aim to make it much easier for you and create a rich experience on a great and modern website for a gym. In comes Fitness, the newest HTML template which has more than what you may need. Heavy with features, this isn’t just a template rather a great experience for those who are looking forward to getting fit and living healthy.

One page template

Fitness is a super flexibly and sophisticated template that puts all its awesomeness in one punchy page. Everything is arranged in the most effective order so that regardless of what the user is upto, they will come across it seamlessly. The features on the single page are extremely smooth and is designed in a way to engage your audiences and make the website experience a memorable one.

Bootstrap Support

Built on Bootstrap, the template is extremely easy to use as well as responsive, showing up perfectly on any screen size. The template is going to remain consistent in terms of features and experience all over with no compromise on quality. There is no need for a huge amount of time to get the template developed and this template preserves all the great features that is in Bootstrap.

Font Awesome

Your template does not need to look boring and old. With font awesome integrated in the template, you can use the fonts that are apt for you and create the best gym experience that is sure to look and feel as great as you want it to.


This template allows advanced customization options to make the website truly yours by making tweaks as you wish and it isn’t going to create a racket in your work schedule because it is super easy to customize and you do not need to be a coding genius to really bring out the personality that you want on the website. The template itself does a great job at it as it is but if you require additional changes, it is a breeze to do so with this template.

Clean and Simple design

Gone are the days where bloated and cluttered websites were a norm. Most users have grown accustomed to the clean and minimalist designs as showcased by the best of the best templates and this is what Fitness plans on doing so as well. Keeping a squeaky clean look all over, this template is particularly minimalistic which will direct attention to exactly the right places in the right way.

Sticky header

The users of your website would hate to go back and forth, or rather up and down the template to get to what they need. With the sticky headers, navigation becomes as easy as pie and as convenient as it can get.

Email Subscription

In order to retain customers, it is very important to get in touch as well as stay in touch with those users and what better way to do that than to have the email subscription offer open. With this in place, you can reach your users easily right in their inbox and keep growing your business.


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We live in a very tech savvy world, and when it comes down to the travel or the hotel industry, you can pretty confidently bet that your travellers are tech savvy and will want to book online as opposed to coming to the place or calling. Not just booking, they would also want to have a look at what your hotel provides and what they can expect for their buck. That being true, you’ve got a very significant task here. That is, put your hotel not just on the physical map, but also on the map where the customers are- The Internet. To do that you may need to carry out the daunting task of making an entire website from scratch. If you’re not a developer, that might be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do by yourself. This is precisely where Eden helps you out. At a striking $14, you get a wonderful looking hotel booking website template that is perefect for your hotel and getting your business on the grid looking fabulous. Eden seeks to meticulously test and perfect every nook and cranny of the template so that your trust on the template isn’t compromised.

Eden is easy on the eyes along with all the functionalities you may require for the best look for your hotel. It focuses on the Booking process in the Homepage but on top of that too you have other functionalities enumerated here. And if you’re convinced, don’t forget to check out the Live Preview of the template.

33 HTML Pages

Whatever information you may need to put on your hotel website, Eden has a solution for you. With 33 different HTML pages to pick from, you can showcase everything starting from rooms to the availability to the extra amenities you provide with the aid of these pages.

Fixed and Static header

The booking steps are neatly and easily cut out for ease of use for the customer and you can also make the best use of it to get reservations from customers before they even step out of their house. Getting to a hotel and having it booked already is a thing of the past and is something that people avoid which means this feature is perhaps the best and most used feature that’s going to be there on your website.

Easily Customizable

You don’t have to pay a thousand dollars extra to make changes to the look of the website anymore. Eden is flexible when it comes to customization so you can rest assured you will get exactly the look that you’re searching for.

Unlimited Colors

Get colorful, splash a little dynamic here and there and your website will come out looking far ahead of its competitors. Eden provides unlimited color possibilities for a website.